liberae culturae fraternitas

3LCF is a cultural-musickal-esoterical entity, totally free and independent from whatever ideology, with the aim of being a disturbing medium for the mental drowsiness, in a reality wich seems to become more and more empty and oppressive.
Like a Lighthouse, it sends intermittent signals, to bring near, to call back, by means of it's Light.
The musical aspect of 3LCF develops upon a sonorous path which goes through different experimentation levels.
Long-lasting ritual performances in places of a particular meaning alternate with studio-made tracks, following several methods of composition/assembling.

ENVIRONMENTAL RECORDINGS: intense cathartic events during which, industrial complexes fallen in disuse, buildings in decay, non-zones of quotidian, but also woods and other natural surroundings, transformed into theatres, allow us to recreate ourselves. They become Temples to exorcise fears, uneasiness, boredom, distress. To make up for the lack of moments and spaces to express an individual art without restrictions, one’s own art, intimate and unrestrained, magickal and free.
3LCF is a homeless entity, it tunes itself with the Genius Loci, and with it plays archetypal sounds. It meets souls that burn of the same fire and merges with them creating new rites of memory.

The instrumental apparatus that’s used is determined by the event in act, so to be sometimes the performance’s place itself, and ranges over objects of industrial use, reconverted to a more “civil” musical utilization , to “poor” instruments of the electronics like tape-echoes and analogical synthesizers, to digital technologies, all of them as protagonists with same dignity on this sonic recovery.

All the performances, being unique and unrepeatable, are always documented by audio recordings, reportages, diaries of events and recognitions, movies.