demotape artwork

artwork for The secret meteorologist starting kit demotape (1997).

1. medusa
2. sentinel
3. sorrow lipstick
4. pleuree
5. y (rabdo)
6. celmno
7. thin green cold salty

the list was originally conceived as a demotape cassette: tr. 1,2,3,6 were at their conclusive status, tr. 4,5,7 were bruitiste concrete samples.
a remastered and complete CD edition will be issued soon!

The secret meteorologist starting kit was inspired and at the same time conceived as a sountrack by/for the super8 film (1993), shot by Micronius and Francesca Dall'Olio in several places around Parma, in which the meteorologist himself appeared for the first time.

'toxeso' sticker (1997)

originally composed as a variation of the esocheletro name/logo, it developes the conceptual features of medusa's attack/defense attitude, attraction/repulsion disposal, tracing a reference with toxic tank safety disclaimers.
t-shirt prints available soon!

esosk - extremely dangerous!